Berserker Brewing

This is my undergraduate capstone project. I took a bit of my heritage and combined with my passion for craft brewing, creating a brand name, story, and identity that would express the agressive nature of the product and it's history. This brewery will also be featured in a local independent film called Going Up. I will update this project with more on that, as the movie is currently in production. Yes, I built the bar with a good friend of mine to display the project on. Double yes, we plan on brewing some beer for this brand this summer!

The entire set up, including the bar that I built with a good friend of mine.
The neck tag on a bottle
Proposed glass etching of logo for the pub and to market to the public.
The front, back, and inside of the hang tags.  The front includes the logo and type of beer, the back contains the Government Warning, and the inside contains where it is brewed and bottled plus the amount in fluid ounces and percent of alcohol by volume.
Bottle and Hang Tag mock up.
Red Ale and Stout bottles/tags.
Porter and IPA bottles/tags.
Vinyle logo applied to the wall.
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