Gannon Associates came to us in need of a stand out commercial insurance booklet that would cut through the clutter and explain the capabilities of the agency as well as the newly developed Gannon System.

With an emphasis on story-telling, we developed a highly interactive leave-behind sales piece for agents to take to client meetings.The completely custom piece is designed to encourage engagement and shelf-life.

At the top of each paper sheet a custom illustration depicts a scene that prospective corporate customers can identify with.Using the Gannon System, the Gannon Associates team evaluates each situation in greater depth, identifying opportunities and weaknesses that should be addressed.                                                                                                                                                                                          
To allow prospective customers to physically see what Gannon sees, we included a transparent overlay sheet that, when folded down is virtually invisible, but when folded up over the illustration, provides the Gannon perspective and value proposition.
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